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Maped Ruler Magnifying White
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Maped Ruler Magnifying White

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  • Length: 25 cm. Visual guides for easier use. With handle for extended use. Ruler x 1.5; Lens x 3. Delivered with a protective case
  • Perfect for charts, recipes, data tables, or any time you need to read rows of information that need a bit of magnification. This cleverly designed straightedge lets you line up the data perfectly and see it clearly at the same time. Just lay the clear, magnifying ruler over the row you need to see and the type is magnified 1.5X. There's a 3X magnifying lens built in to the end of the ruler for those times when you need a little extra magnification. A protective sleeve protects the ruler in your purse, briefcase, or desk. You can count on Maped to produce quality compasses that are as comfortable as they are easy to use. Maped is the number one compass maker worldwide, with over 60 years of experience in the design and production of quality compasses and drafting supplies. Maped has built a reputation as a company that is constantly on the cutting edge of design through intensive research in the areas of use and ergonomics.
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