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  • Heavy Duty 8 outlet, Metal Housing, surge protector with 1200 Joules of protection, ETL certified
  • All 8 Right-angled outlets including 3 widely spaced sockets to accommodate bulky plugs
  • 15Amp Input, 1875W/2200W, 110/220Voltage
  • Lighted Switch, Cord organizer and can be mounted on the wall
  • Perfect for workshops, garages, maintenace areas, auto shops even offices

UPGRADE and BECOME Energy Efficient: US Dept. of Energy - - Energy Vampires are Attacking Your Home - Here's How to Stop Them: Energy Saver article Oct 20, 2014 Using a power strip to switch off appliances ensures your home won't be plagued by energy vampires. These so-called “energy vampires” are appliances that continue to draw power from electrical outlets, even when turned off or idle. While these vampires won’t suck your blood, some of these appliances can cause substantial increases to your energy usage, costing you and your family hundreds of dollars per year,so be sure to use power strips and flip them off when not in use. The Forza FSP-808 Surge protector provides reliable protection from surges, spikes and lightning strikes to guard your electrical equipment, tools and sensitive electronics. Its Heavy-Duty Metal housing makes it ideal for use in workshops and garages, while the extra spacking between the sockets allows to easily accommodate bulky plugs or adapters. Convenient and highly functional, this surge protector also features perfect-fit outlets, which prevent plugs from becoming loose or slipping off the socket accidentally. This unit has 1200 Joules of Surge protection and a 3 Foot cord to plug in up to 8 devices and also includes a cord organizer system to wrap other cords around it for convenient storage.

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